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Norden, Mitte, Süden 💪 ★ BIG(3) is a new event series established by and for the International Star Class.
It is meant to keep the tradition of the class, the values the class and the boat represent and spark new enthusiasm by promoting the class and one design keelboat racing amongst the younger audience of avid sailors. https://www.manage2sail.com/de-de/search?filterYear=2022&filterMonth=&filterCountry=GER&filterRegion=&filterClass=&filterClubId=&filterScoring=&paged=true&filterText=BIG%283%29

Ist möglicherweise ein Bild von 1 Person, Ruderwettkampf, Segelboot und Text „BIG(3) SERIES TRADITION ON TOUR The starfleets from the north, middle & skills and create south combine their resources, energy, new BIG event at each ACT NORTH years the Olympic Games Kiel North European Championship District Championship area 1-NORTH, Kieler Förde Kiel Schilksee KYC August Date: GER R3E ACTII. SOUTH 3 regattas row -Kronprinz Rupprecht- Regatta 8204 40S8 Oktoberfest Regatta -Big(3) Stamnberger Segeltage SOUTH, Starnberg Starnberg, MYC Date: 12. September -MID, Markermeer Muiden, KNZ&RV Date: 01. 03. October AEE 8427 SA8 2 www.star-big3.com ACT MID (FINALS) NixdortPo ONE WINNER OVER ALL Open Championship 13th District Championship“